Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Far Away"


This song is so beautiful, yet so sad at the same time. I have always been a fan of Marsha Ambrosius even when she was apart of Floetry. After watching the video my level of respect for her has risen as high as the sky. The concept of the video is a true story about a good friend of hers who committed suicide because NO ONE would accept the fact that he was homosexual. I do have this song on repeat and I do get teary eyed everytime I watch the video because all of this shit is real. Even if you do not accept homosexuality at least give respect in consideration. We are all humans so nothing is greater and it is so that no one will ever seem to get that. It is harder to be accepted as a homosexual male than it is female especially in the African American race.

There is one part of the song that I can not get out of my head for the simple fact that is it so deep.

if I'd have known Sunday morning
That you would be gone
I would have never come home
I wouldn't have answered my phone
To hear the voice at your tone
I knew that something was wrong babe
The cops had told me
that it was you who was alone inside an empty room
Identified you as my baby
Oh my baby
So far away

I have a video blog that I will be posting personally pretty soon so keep on a lookout......

Lets learn to hug one another
Lets learn to accept one another

Hate crimes and suicide makes the world stop spinning.

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