Saturday, February 12, 2011

Emergence 2 Serve Model Call

Excuse me for being late with this entry...I am just now getting over the Flu. [yes Terrible, I do not even get sick like this] It is funny that the day I attended this model call is the day I got the cooties. What a coincidence this is.


Emergence 2 Serve model call was successful. As a Project Next Veteran it is my duty along with the other members to give guidence among the reputation that we have upheld throughout the years and with this being under a new name with new members the show must go the hands of smart people who know what they are doing.

I must say they have chose some wonderful models with unique looks...i.e. the korean boy....I am excited to see him walk the day of the show yessuh!
*Their show is scheduled to date April 12,2011 here at Clark Atlanta University.
Stay Tuned for more details.......

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