Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eden: Miami

A Breath of Fresh Air. The blue water. Wonderful sunshine. Last but not least..the naked hoes. Welcome To Miami Baby!

My trip was great. It was my first time in Miami to begin with so with all the excitement I came back to Atlanta sad but satisfied. It was time for new scenery. I have had thoughts of moving there thinking of the pros and cons or at least having a house there. It was so diverse and that is something at the top of my list that I LOVED the most. I will see you OCTOBER.

I finally got to stand in one of Fashion's most LEGENDARY designer's house...Thee Gianni Versace. I wanted to stand on the actual part of the step where he died on but they were being all private and shit. The house has turned into a private hotel/country club. I will be able to step foot inside soon. BEST BELIEVE. (pic below)

Welcome Dash Miami.....I bet you all seen this store before.

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