Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Derek Blanks Photoshoot Project

We had a project assigned for my wardrobe styling class and it was to work with Derek Blanks and his photographers. (sidenote: If you do not know who Derek Blanks is...please commite suicide right now) I was pretty excited since that is one of my favorite photographers. Their were five groups and each group was assigned a fashion capital a model from Ethnicity Models Management, and a photgrapher. My group had Los Angeles. Our concept consist of having our model, Miss Nefertiti, shop in a plaza and is stalked by poparazzi. Then another concept was to make her look like she is out of Guess Ad.

so...days later....finals week comes along....D.Blanks comes to our class and gives evaluations to each concept and outfit....and he said the words that I wanted to hear.
This is the best styling I have seen out of all the pictures...HANDS DOWN!

I rest my case.

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  1. looks great! love it! Derek is really talented, lol and i thin everyone in the A knows who derek is.

    ps: your model reminds me of beyonce.