Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lost in New York: The Sequel [Teen Vogue Fashion University]..Class in SESSION

It is about 7:00am I am already tired but hell I have to go to class on a saturday. It is cold as I do not know what outside so I am trying to find something to wear thats trendy as well as to keeping me warm...somewhat. Time to head to the subway and catch that number 6 downtown. So brandon and I ...wait let me introduce you to thee Brandon Murphy, a student at Morehouse
college and a well known Fashion Designer around the Atlanta area. I have put some of his pieces in previous fashion shows that I have worked within the past...exquisite as I must say.;;;;anywho. Brandon and I were so early we did not realize that we could have grabbed a bite to eat. oh well. Lesson learned.
1 hour and 45 minutes LATER

We finally walk into the auditorium before everything is to begin.

Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue Magazine, Amy Astley
Fashion Designer Michael Kors and Amy Astley
Michael Kors Speaking about his experiences as a talented Fashion Designer.

Fashion Designer Alexander Wang

Time to go to Class!

Dr. Howard Murad, the father of skincare
A goodie bag with skincare products...and they are not samples either!

Accessories Designer Lulu Frost
Amy Hilfiger and Nary Manivong, also known as NAHM for their designer label

Accessories Designer Eddie Borgo sitting with Teen Vogue staff member Shiona Turini


Lets rewind for a second shall we?

SO I am still pissed that I did not get a chance to sign up for Betsey Johnson's seminar however I been plotting since I opened my eyes to get a picture of her roaming the hallways. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
Mickey you fool!

ALL I had to do was press 12 on the elevator just to catch Anna Wintour chilling in her office. I was scurred though.

So let me tell you earthlings that I had received alot of free shit from all of the sponsors that helped out with Teen Vogue. I even received some lashes that were designed by the Beauty Editor Eva Chen..


So this long exhausting, adventurous day has ended with few remarks from the staff of Teen Vogue. There were lots of helpful information consisting of internships, jobs, things of that nature.

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