Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lost in New York: The Sequel [Teen Vogue Fashion University]

It is a breezy Friday night in Manhattan and it is time for me to head to the first event held at H&M. I am not just excited but I am excited...if you catch my drift. I was able to see different faces and nationalities with their looks and styles with awe. Everyone knows that I am an observer so I need to be cautious especially when it comes to someones wardrobe. The H&M event was so kick ass! All the Teen Vogue students and guest who were invited were able to receive 25% off of their purchases and you know I will not turn away a deal like that. I had noticed this redhead chick who was the DJ spinning records and she was playing all the jams from Rick James to Justin Timberlake I should have asked her what her name was.

So I had all the Hor d'erves and drinks that I wanted..Fat I know but shit it was offered why not take it?

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