Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lost in New York.

People are right....there is a first time for everything. About 2 weeks ago it was my very first time going to New York. I imagined that it would be just how it is like the movies. Everything was so Surreal. As I am on the plane looking over the sky and I see the Brooklyn Bridge I think to myself I finally made it...finally reaching my first New York experience; I want some juniors cheesecake lol. I had to remember that I was there and there for one thing only and that was to be aggressive about being a student for Teen Vogue Fashion University.

I did not attend last year due to funds but this year I had it in me to make sure that I was to go even if I went by myself. (Thank God for college refund checks) I knew New York was expensive but not UBER expensive hotels cost like $200 a night or more had I known that I was going ahead of time it would have been cheaper but I guess this time it did not work in my favor. Due to a mixup I ended up staying in Spanish Harlem in which I found a very interesting area. Everywhere you went someone was not speaking english.

I rode the subway...FOR THE FIRST TIME
I ate REAL New York pizza....FOR THE FIRST
I walked around all around the world and back...FOR THE FIRST TIME
I shopped on 5th Avenue....FOR THE FIRST TIME
I Even experience the most reckless shit...FOR THE FIRST

The best thing of all....I have my New York experience...FOR THE FIRST TIME.

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