Friday, April 9, 2010

Im so P L U S H

Today was the art stroll in Castleberry Hill. The homegirl and I were walking around Peters St around the corner to Walker St. bumping into this boutique that recently opened a few days ago. Being the curious black people that we are we go inside. Here is Eric (in the orange)

and Windy (I did not know how to spell her name I will correct it later)

This beautiful couple are the owners of Plush Boutique. This boutique is Strictly for sizes 12-24. When I usually peep at plus size designers clothing line I get a boring feel. I have heard that a lot of plus size women do not feel sexy in some of the clothes that they wear. As I were greeted with a red velvet cupcake and a glass of Moscato I connected myself to the enviornment. What I meant by that is the style of the store in which it is like shopping in your best friends closet. Here is a pictorial tour of this wonderful boutique.

For more information visit
238 Walker St. Unit 10, Atlanta Ga

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